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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Master Content Mill List

I found a Google site that has a Master Content Mill List. Content mills are great eggs to have when you don't have any private client work. I have a few mills I work for on a regular basis.

Content mills are also great for individuals who are just starting out in their freelance writing career. I got my start with Yahoo! and I am extremely grateful to them for that. In fact, I still earn a nice residual income from the articles I wrote for them.

Just to let you know, I don't earn a penny from telling you about this list. I just thought it was a helpful resource and wanted to share it with anyone in need.

So here you go:

Master Content Mill List

PS. I noticed a few of the links are outdated, but there is still a ton of information here. I guess the author just adds to the list without checking old links.


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Raymi Raynolds said...

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Charles said...

Your link leads to a sort of "members only" login page, and so I could not access your master list.

Julie S. said...

I cannot access the Master Content Mill List at all. It seems ludicrous to give information and then proceed to deny user access to that information.