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Thursday, September 19, 2013

BuyKewordArticles is Hiring

I just got the word that BuyKeywordArticles (BKA) is hiring. I did a quick search to find out if they were legit, and I found two reviews that stated they were.

BKA has a pay scale between 1 cent per word and 5 cents per word. They start everyone out at 1 cent, and move you up based on performance and talent. Now 1 cent per word is very low pay for a freelance writer, but it is this type of company that I highly recommend for a beginner. It allows you to work your way up, while developing a resume. 

When I first got started writing online, I started with a company that doesn't pay very well. I worked my way up in that company, which led to higher paying jobs. Now I can be a bit pickier about the freelance work I take on.

So, if you are just starting out, or you really need another writing egg and you don't mind the 1 cent per word until you can be promoted, then go ahead and apply for BKA by clicking HERE!

FYI: I don't get paid anything to tell you about this company. Just sharing the info in case you are looking for another company to write for.


kuldeep pal said...

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Gadz said...

Strongwhispers is paying...

Meow Opre said...

Among all get paid to write sites I've tried like Bubblews (too risky, more complaints each day) Expertscolumn (pays little but better than not earning at all) Squidoo & HUbpages (both to strict in approving posts) and, so far is the best for me at the moment. Good luck on your own journey dear blogger. Money for us :)


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Leeann Thompson said...

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