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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bubblews: A Promising New Revenue Share Site

I have a writer friend that just introduced me to Bubblews. This site is a revenue share site, meaning you won't make any money upfront for your work. Instead, Bubblews will pay you for each unique view, like, comment and social media share. Unlike other rev share sites, Bubblews splits its profits 50/50.

My friend stated she was seeing an average $13 earnings for every 1000 page views. I only get $2 for this many page views over at Yahoo!

What I like best about this site is that you can submit old articles and link to where they are originally being held (so long as you retain the rights to the articles). If you wish to create fresh content, your posts only have to be a total of 400 characters (that's characters not words).

I am excited about the potential this website holds. Before I leave you, I should also let you know that you can cash-out every time you reach a total of $25.

Update: I have cash-out twice and can vouch that Bubblews does indeed pay their users so long as all of the rules are followed. I am really loving this site!

To see what Bubblews is all about click HERE!