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Thursday, September 19, 2013

BuyKewordArticles is Hiring

I just got the word that BuyKeywordArticles (BKA) is hiring. I did a quick search to find out if they were legit, and I found two reviews that stated they were.

BKA has a pay scale between 1 cent per word and 5 cents per word. They start everyone out at 1 cent, and move you up based on performance and talent. Now 1 cent per word is very low pay for a freelance writer, but it is this type of company that I highly recommend for a beginner. It allows you to work your way up, while developing a resume. 

When I first got started writing online, I started with a company that doesn't pay very well. I worked my way up in that company, which led to higher paying jobs. Now I can be a bit pickier about the freelance work I take on.

So, if you are just starting out, or you really need another writing egg and you don't mind the 1 cent per word until you can be promoted, then go ahead and apply for BKA by clicking HERE!

FYI: I don't get paid anything to tell you about this company. Just sharing the info in case you are looking for another company to write for.