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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This site is new, but so great for writers.

All you have to do is write reviews. Each review earns you about $2.00, plus the more popular it is the more money it will make later on (kind of like a bonus).

One you reach $10 you can get paid. Payments are made weekly through Paypal. That means you only need 5 reviews to cash out.

These are just reviews and they can be on anything you want. Of course the more popular the item the more money you will make.

Have fun and don't forget to read my reviews. My nickname is There4u.

Join SharedReviews

Friday, November 2, 2007


  • Write Abstracts for Brijit

  • Brijit pays $5.00 per published abstract-not all abstracts are chosen for publication. Read the guidelines below to increase your chances of getting published.
  • Each Brijit Abstract needs to include four things: a summary of the underlying article; your evaluation of the source material; a Brijit rating; and tags.
    The summary should be one to three sentences, give readers a feel for the material, and include one or two interesting facts or details from the article. If it's an opinion piece, it needs to tell readers what the writer is arguing in favor of (or against).
    Second, give us your point of view on the source material, and why you feel that way. Is it a good read? Boring? You wish there was more of it? Less of it? A brilliant exploration of a topic you never think about? Should never have been written, and you'll be dumber if you read it? We need an opinion about the quality of the piece. This doesn't have to be heavy-handed – a well-placed adjective or two can go a long way. And try not to be excessively mean. Just tell us what you think.
    Third, you need to rate the piece. Your rating, of course, should be consistent with the text of your abstract. There are guidelines on the submission page, and there's more on the ratings below.
    Finally, you need to add some tags. Any proper noun – a person's name, a place, an event, a team – should be a tag, along with anything else you think makes sense. Please add at least three, and as many as you feel inclined to throw in there. Submissions with good tags will have a leg up on being published as Brijit Abstracts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WC Magazine for WAHM's

This magazine is totally free. It is a mini print magazine for Work at Home Mom's.

It is mailed out quarterly.

This is just a resource I wanted you to know was available in case you wanted it.

Free Mini Mag for WAHMs

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day Tipper: A Quick and Easy Way to Make a Few Dollars


This site is fun and easy to do. You don't have to be an excellent writer, you just have to have a good tip!

Here you get paid $3.00 for each tip you submit that gets published.

I submitted several tips and was informed within hours which ones were accepted and which ones were rejected.

Each tip need only to be a few sentences and I have seen some publishes with as little as two.

This site is definitely worth your time if you want to make an extra couple of bucks for some quick and easy work!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Associated Content

Associated Content: This is the best site for a new beginner to start earning money. Sign up and you will get your own CP (Content Producer) page. All of your articles will appear here and you can refer others to this link so they can read your work.

You can view My CP Page HERE!

-Must be 18 Years of Age or Older
-Must reside in the US
-All articles must be in English or Spanish
-All articles must be at least 400 words and cannot exceed 10,000 words
-All writers must use proper Grammar and Spelling
-All payments are made directly into your Paypal Account
-Associated Content pays for Video submissions as well as Text submissions
-Payments between $3-$40 per article

Associated Content prefers fact based articles verses fiction. You may also submit an article on any topic at any time. There are no limits to how many articles you can submit. Sometimes they offer assignments, but you are never under any obligation to do those assignments. There are just there to give you a chance to make extra money.

To Sign up as a Writer Click HERE!


Not as easy as Associated Content, but can be more profitable. This site is more for the advanced writer. Once you get used to Associated Content you should consider checking this site out.

What should you know about this site:

*They Pay through Paypal.
*Write an article of your choice and submit it (you choose how much you want for it).
*View the list of Website Owners who are looking for an article and take that job (payment amount is posted).
*You can become an affiliate, refer writers, and earn 20% of their earnings.
*All articles must be free of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
*Write in 12 point cap. Editors read many articles everyday and anything smaller than 12 point cap is hard on the eyes. - Do not use colors and bold type - If your article is free and contains many links it will be rejected. Only 3 links allowed per article. - Titles must be properly capitalized. Example "The Power of Love" or "Caring for Puppy's Teeth". - Write for internet format, which is single spaced and a double space between paragraphs. This makes it much easier for editors to read.

For this site it is recommended that you click Help and read the comprehensive Writer’s Guidelines and FAQ. Also under the help section you will find Writer Tutorials and Forums. These are key in your earning success on Constant Content.

You can sign up HERE!

Mom Product Reviews

There is a site called Mom Product Reviews that will pay you $5.00 for any review on:

*Pregnancy Products
*Baby Products
*Toddler Products
*Products for Older Children
*Parenting Products
*Products of Interest to Women & Mothers

Mom Product Reviews will pay you if they decide to use your little article (200-250 words). Payments are made through Paypal within 7 days of publication.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Get Paid to Write

This blog is dedicated for those of you who want to earn money from home by writing. All companies are legit and pay their writers. I will attempt to give you as many details as possible about each company so you can make an informed decision.

Best Wishes,
Alicia Bodine