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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Constant Content

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to review Constant Content for you.

Constant Content considers themselves a consignment shop for articles. You write your articles and upload them to this site. You then set a price for your article. You also get to pick what licensing you want with your article. When the article sells, Constant Content keeps a percentage of the sale.

This site really works because it has been around for awhile. Website owners looking for great content search this site on a regular basis. That means the chances of your article selling are high.

I know a someone who had their article denied by a content creation site. She was only going to get $15 for it. She decided to put it on Constant Content and sure enough it was purchased for a whopping $80.

I highly recommend this site. Just make the price a little higher than you want to get in the end because Constant Content will keep a portion of the profit. That is how they make their money.

You can join by clicking here: Constant Content