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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Become an Editor for BellaOnline

BellaOnline is currently accepting applications to some of their established sites. Sorry, they aren't adding any new categories just yet, but if you are passionate about any of the available topics, I highly suggest you apply. You can see a list of available topics here: BellaOnline Available Topics

I am currently in training as their Healthy Foods Editor, and I am loving this company. I should mention that you do not get paid to contribute at BellaOnline, however, you are allowed to earn affiliate income.

This company is excellent if you desire to learn more about writing online and there is a great deal of training to help you. The training is broken down into lessons that are easy to follow and understand, which is perfect for beginners. I'm not a beginner, and I'm still learning plenty of things that I didn't know.

Another thing I like about BellaOnline is that they truly care about their editors and want their editors to succeed. They ask the editors if there is any aspect of writing and publishing they want to learn, and then they provide that information.

I can't wait until I finish with my training so that I can show you my site. Until then, you can learn more about becoming a BellaOnline Editor here: Overview - Become a BellaOnline Editor

PS. I don't make a dime for telling you about this company. I'm doing so because I truly believe in the company and found it to be an excellent avenue for any writers out there.