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Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Best Wishes,


esper_d said...

OMG thank you for everything on this blog! I found your siggy on wahm forums :)

esper_d said...

I might return to ask questions. I bookmarked your blog and plan to do a lot of these. I only do AC at the moment and love it and am excited to begin so many more.

Kathy said...

Cape Christian Academy??? My husband taught there from 1988-1998...(actually he was principal of South Jersey Christian Academy from 1980-1995 before all the mergers) All our kids attended there, and I am his wife, and looking for something like this! I will read your info more carefully and see what happens. Let me know which of these is the best to start with. Thank you!

Nheri Rose Gumayagay said...

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