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Monday, April 7, 2008


eHow is a new site that I have joined based on recommendations from the WAHM Forum. This site only accepts articles on how to's. So everything is How To....

They don't have to be long, just informative. I quickly got 2 written and published with no problems. You start off as a Novice, then Enthusiast, and finally Authority. I was surprised that after 2 articles I already became and enthusiast.

You are paid once per month, but I am not sure how they decide how much you get. I believe it is based on page views of your articles. The lady on the wahm forum was making $5 per article each month.

I don't get anything from you signing up with the link below. All that link will do is automatically add you as my friend. Then we can read each other's articles.

Join eHow!

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