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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Not as easy as Associated Content, but can be more profitable. This site is more for the advanced writer. Once you get used to Associated Content you should consider checking this site out.

What should you know about this site:

*They Pay through Paypal.
*Write an article of your choice and submit it (you choose how much you want for it).
*View the list of Website Owners who are looking for an article and take that job (payment amount is posted).
*You can become an affiliate, refer writers, and earn 20% of their earnings.
*All articles must be free of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
*Write in 12 point cap. Editors read many articles everyday and anything smaller than 12 point cap is hard on the eyes. - Do not use colors and bold type - If your article is free and contains many links it will be rejected. Only 3 links allowed per article. - Titles must be properly capitalized. Example "The Power of Love" or "Caring for Puppy's Teeth". - Write for internet format, which is single spaced and a double space between paragraphs. This makes it much easier for editors to read.

For this site it is recommended that you click Help and read the comprehensive Writer’s Guidelines and FAQ. Also under the help section you will find Writer Tutorials and Forums. These are key in your earning success on Constant Content.

You can sign up HERE!

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