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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daily Articles

Many of my writing WAHM friends have recommended a site called Daily Articles. The need for this site has come out of the payment changes at Associated Content. They are now paying so little it seems not even worth it to write there any more.

Daily Articles is great because you get to pick your selling price. When you set your price keep in mind that some of the profit goes to the company and you get to keep the rest. All the articles are priced at $15.00 and up which means you can make great money here.

There is only one downside and that is you give away rights to the article when someone buys it so you cannot use the article again any where else. That is perfectly fine with me because there are many subjects I can write on that I would have no need to use the article again.

So give Daily Articles a try. They even allow junior writers to submit work so don't feel like you have to be a professional to apply.

PS. To sign up click on writer login in the top right hand corner. Then click writer registration and your good to go.


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