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Friday, November 2, 2007


  • Write Abstracts for Brijit

  • Brijit pays $5.00 per published abstract-not all abstracts are chosen for publication. Read the guidelines below to increase your chances of getting published.
  • Each Brijit Abstract needs to include four things: a summary of the underlying article; your evaluation of the source material; a Brijit rating; and tags.
    The summary should be one to three sentences, give readers a feel for the material, and include one or two interesting facts or details from the article. If it's an opinion piece, it needs to tell readers what the writer is arguing in favor of (or against).
    Second, give us your point of view on the source material, and why you feel that way. Is it a good read? Boring? You wish there was more of it? Less of it? A brilliant exploration of a topic you never think about? Should never have been written, and you'll be dumber if you read it? We need an opinion about the quality of the piece. This doesn't have to be heavy-handed – a well-placed adjective or two can go a long way. And try not to be excessively mean. Just tell us what you think.
    Third, you need to rate the piece. Your rating, of course, should be consistent with the text of your abstract. There are guidelines on the submission page, and there's more on the ratings below.
    Finally, you need to add some tags. Any proper noun – a person's name, a place, an event, a team – should be a tag, along with anything else you think makes sense. Please add at least three, and as many as you feel inclined to throw in there. Submissions with good tags will have a leg up on being published as Brijit Abstracts.

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